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Psychological Evaluation:

Psychological evaluation is useful for answering questions in a number of areas. These areas include special education eligibility determinations, psychotherapy treatment planning decisions, diagnostic and forensic matters. Psychological evaluations are often part of vocational rehabilitation and employment assessments.

Special Education Eligibility Determinations: For a variety of reasons, families often seek consultations from private psychologists in making determinations of eligibility for special education services. Although the assessments involved in making these determinations are available through the public schools, families may choose to obtain them on their own. Parents are sometimes concerned about the timelines involved when the school completes the evaluation as these can approach 120 days. In other circumstances, there are questions about privacy and impartiality that prompt families to consult with psychologists outside of the school. As a state certified school psychologist, I am qualified to provide these evaluations.

Because special education eligibility determinations require both psychological and academic achievement testing, they typically require between ten and fifteen hours of time for the psychologist. This time includes assessment sessions, a developmental/social history and a family feedback conference. Appointments to complete these processes are scheduled over the course of several sessions with the entire process taking approximately three weeks.

Psychotherapy treatment planning: Psychotherapy is often enhanced through the process of psychological evaluation. The psychological assessment process can be useful to clarify diagnostic issues, to assist in the process of defining outcome goals and objectives. Once clear questions are defined, assessment procedures can be selected to gain answers to those questions.

Forensic evaluations: Psychological evaluations are often called for by the courts. Resolving parental rights questions and addressing issues concerned with competency to stand trial are but two examples of situations where psychological evaluations are utilized in forensic settings. As an experienced psychological diagnostician, I am able to provide assessments in these areas as well as expert testimony in court.


“We just want to thank you for all of your hard work on Aimeeā€™s behalf. We were very excited to finally have a good understanding of her issues and we are glad that the school will be able now to give her the help that she needs.”
– Parent

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