My approach to psychotherapy…

I use a cognitive-behavioral approach to psychotherapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is based on three core principles. It accepts that thoughts affect behaviors; that thoughts can be monitored and changed and; that behavior change can be accomplished through changes in thinking. CBT has long been recognized as an effective approach particularly when it is used to address issues related to the depressive and anxiety disorders. However, research has shown that it has applications well beyond these areas. CBT is a task-focused method of treatment that is symptom specific and time limited.
CBT is traditionally provided in the context of an individual therapeutic relationship.In working with adolescents however, I believe that problems must be understood and treated within the context of the family. This philosophy necessitates close contact and communication among the adolescent, his or her parents and the psychologist. Because of this, families are typically involved in the treatment process when adolescents are the focus of concern.


Practice announcement…

I am pleased to announce the opening of my new office located at 257 Monmouth Road
Building A, Suite 5, Oakhurst, NJ 07755.
This new facility will allow me to offer services in Monmouth County effective immediately. All services available at the Princeton Office are also offered in Oakhurst. The contact information including Phone Number and Email Address will be the same for both offices.

They are as follows:
Phone #: 609.731.3861
Email Address: Michael.Boyle.Phd@gmail.com


“I want to thank you very much for your help with Joey’s evaluation. You have been so helpful and I wanted you to know I appreciate your time and concern. ItÕs nice to know there are people like yourself who really do care about kids. I am so glad that you saw in Joey more than just a mark on a page. Thank you for being such a kind and caring man. I am glad we had the chance to meet.” — Parent

Office of Michael P. Boyle, Phd., 114 Montgomery Commons, Princeton, NJ 08540 | Phone: 609.731.3861

Email: Michael.Boyle.Phd@gmail.com